Monday, April 06, 2009


Do you ever have one of *those* projects that no matter how nice to speak to it, or how nice you treat it, all it wants to do is play with the frogs? So far, I've started it. Three times. Three separate times. Over one. On 32-ct. Someone shoot me.

It wouldn't be so bad, but I'm stitching a gift. The project won't listen. I fear this project may never get finished at this rate.


I'm going to have to pick up something else for a little while. Maybe it'll make my other project jealous so it'll behave. *sigh* I know! I'll start knitting. That oughta do it. Where are my knitting needles again?


Silverlotus 7:38 AM  

I can relate. I wanted to throw my sock across the room yesterday because I couldn't make the increases without almost making holes. And, to make it worst, the end has come off three of the dpns!

I think today with be a stitching day, not a knitting day.

Sara 9:43 AM  

Time to bring out the blender and scare those frogs away! Hope you have better luck knitting and your other project starts to behave.

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